Message in a bottle

I'm Jack's misplaced hate. I'm a fool with a pen and a dream. I rest my trembling hands on illuminated motionless keys that speak to me in my dreams. I flirt with ideas but they always walk away disappointed and they never call. A head full of dynamic truths that need watering. Can a rose … Continue reading Message in a bottle

Unbridled Thoughts of the Mad

I no longer have any use for nostalgia. Thinking about the past is inutile. It serves no purpose, unless one enjoys self-inflicted wounds. From now on, whenever I start looking back on past years-good or bad-I'm going to gracefully glide across the room in my one-piece disney princess pajamas (Elsa and Anna, sisters forever) and … Continue reading Unbridled Thoughts of the Mad

I’m not waving, I’m drowning

They stuff large quantities of food in their gaping mouths, jamming it in without thought. Continuing on like the entitled, pampered, spoon-fed children they never grew out of. These people, these overgrown self-important animals with unwarranted pretentious confidence, and egos unfit for the halos they borrow from the hat racks of the pragmatic. They have … Continue reading I’m not waving, I’m drowning

Peacocking Through Time

My defiance is one of many bulwarksI ostentatiously boast whenMy cloak isn't relevant.Part of a pseudo-diabolical guide-Inherited from my ancestors-To fool myself and others,In order to remainEnigmatic.There's a fractured lineScribbled in black sand,That vaguely bisects us fromWho we are andWho we pretend to be.An ambiguous grey area,That rests just below eye level.We're all denizens ofThis … Continue reading Peacocking Through Time

The Blue Pill

I hold close tomorrow's dose, Lazily backstroking through introspect,I tell myself, "Hey, at least it's not dope."My plans to taper were crushedWhen the compulsion ruptured intoa destitute of self-control.I know where this dismal path leads,And the Black Dog will be walking medown it.A deceptive malady that enjoysWatching me run in place,With the occasional joyride on … Continue reading The Blue Pill