Misguided Perceptions

I’ve learned a lot in my alcohol fueled discontentment. Such as, the girl always goes for the dickhead, and the guy always goes for the girl he can’t have. Everybody wants what’s out of their reach and an arrogant dick of a man exudes a fallacious confidence that can fool even the brightest of females. I could quit drinking, stand up straight, get a dead end job, and be rewarded with the girl of my dreams. Will I still be myself though? In this ever-changing world, is being yourself even possible? We are all two different people to begin with. We are the person we think we are, the self-delusion that we have built since childhood, and we are the person that the rest of society sees us as, which is usually the opposite of our own misdiagnosis. Who we are lies in our actions, and how we handle our metamorphic tale of despair is what defines us. Who we think we are matters very little in the big bad world of subtleties, manipulation and misdirection. Small talk becomes more of a dance between sock puppets trying to gain a leg up on one another, rather than a delightful chance to get to know thy neighbor. All in a vitriolic effort to subjugate one another for that big promotion, or a coworkers wife. It’s all so confusing, the more thought I put into it, the more scorned I become. The naive of the world coast right through this abysmal life without an original thought to paint with. I envy these well programmed people and their simplistic lifestyles. However, their lost without directions, I’m lost rewriting them on my own accord

~A paragraph from my upcoming book~


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