The Blue Pill

I hold close tomorrow's dose, 
Lazily backstroking through introspect,
I tell myself, "Hey, at least it's not dope."
My plans to taper were crushed
When the compulsion ruptured into
a destitute of self-control.
I know where this dismal path leads,
And the Black Dog will be walking me
down it.
A deceptive malady that enjoys
Watching me run in place,
With the occasional joyride on
Satan's carousel.
My booby-trapped mind is now
In the tenacious grip of
The malicious pharmaceutical industry.
I knowingly traded muddy water for
A strip of counterfeit sunshine.
I'm at the end of my rope,
There's no slack left.
The black dog lurks in the corner,
Waiting for the inevitable clouds,
Drinking my tears out of a
Chipped rocks glass.
I need to fix the Flux Capacitor
In my DeLorean,
So I can jump back a couple years and
Take the Red pill.

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