Bridled Birds

I steal anticipated glances of you from street cables on a semi-daily basis. An unhealthy obsession planted by intrigue during intermittent bouts of unemoted loneliness. Although, I don't like the word obsession; not in this case. I prefer to think of it as a volatile romanticism; a mercurial love cloaked by dark matter. After all, … Continue reading Bridled Birds

Message in a bottle

I'm Jack's misplaced hate. I'm a fool with a pen and a dream. I rest my trembling hands on illuminated motionless keys that speak to me in my dreams. I flirt with ideas but they always walk away disappointed and they never call. A head full of dynamic truths that need watering. Can a rose … Continue reading Message in a bottle

I’m not waving, I’m drowning

They stuff large quantities of food in their gaping mouths, jamming it in without thought. Continuing on like the entitled, pampered, spoon-fed children they never grew out of. These people, these overgrown self-important animals with unwarranted pretentious confidence, and egos unfit for the halos they borrow from the hat racks of the pragmatic. They have … Continue reading I’m not waving, I’m drowning

Peacocking Through Time

My defiance is one of many bulwarksI ostentatiously boast whenMy cloak isn't relevant.Part of a pseudo-diabolical guide-Inherited from my ancestors-To fool myself and others,In order to remainEnigmatic.There's a fractured lineScribbled in black sand,That vaguely bisects us fromWho we are andWho we pretend to be.An ambiguous grey area,That rests just below eye level.We're all denizens ofThis … Continue reading Peacocking Through Time

The Blue Pill

I hold close tomorrow's dose, Lazily backstroking through introspect,I tell myself, "Hey, at least it's not dope."My plans to taper were crushedWhen the compulsion ruptured intoa destitute of self-control.I know where this dismal path leads,And the Black Dog will be walking medown it.A deceptive malady that enjoysWatching me run in place,With the occasional joyride on … Continue reading The Blue Pill